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Graduation Expert Here Feather Flag

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GRADUATION EXPERT HERE  custom feather flag.

Specially designed for affiliates of the Herff Jones company, this feather flag has a vibrant colored background with bold graphics and text.

This easy to install kit comes complete with an 11.5 ft flag, a 15ft flagpole, a carrying-case, and a mounting base of your choice. It can be set-up quickly in under 5 minutes.


GRADUATION EXPERT HERE  custom feather flag.

Great for the front of a school or out by the road, this flag will flutter & flap with a slight breeze. 

Standing almost 15ft tall when assembled, this flag demands attention.

This heavy-duty flag is double-sided, meaning that it is actually 2 flags sewn back-to-back. It is 3-times the thickness of our standard feather flags and the message will read correctly from both sides. There is a blackout material sewn in-between the flags

Kit comes complete with an 11.5ft flag, a 15ft flagpole, carrying-case, and a mounting base of your choice.

The mounting 3 bases available are:

(1) Ground-Spike- use to mount flag in grass or dirt.

(2) Cross Base with Water Bag- use on concrete or other hard surface.

(3) Tire Base- slide under car tire to use vehicle weight to hold flag

Flag will arrive 7-10 business days after ordering via UPS

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